On our way to Washington D.C, we stop in Roanoke. Mmh, lets check if there is a Rotary Club. Indeed, there are several clubs, one, Roanoke Valley, meets on Tuesday mornings, 7.00 am. That is perfect timing.

I contact the club and Albert, the president is amazingly quick with his reply. Wonderful. Only bad thing is, that the meeting is very early… As we arrive, we are offered coffee at once – so appreciated and important, as if they knew me! We are welcomed very warmly and are able to give a short talk about our year and the project. The club with about 20 members is very interested and asks a lot of questions.

Then something happened what we really did not expect. Albert had studied our website very thoroughly and read what I like least (like getting up early and talk without coffee – that explains a lot) and what I like the most (chocolate and wine) and he gifts us with a wonderful red wine and a box of high quality chocolate. What a wonderful and thoughtful surprise. We were overwhelmed of so much appreciation. Besides this the members “awarded” us with spontaneous donations.

What a perfect start in the day!

Thank you, Albert and dear club for everything!