Clean Water for Haiti

The idea to make a one year sabbatical was since a long time in our heads. Now, 18 years after the initial idea, the time to start comes nearer. On the 1st of January 2019 we are going to start! As we started with our preparation we became aware that it is really incredible that we are able to do this, to fulfill our dream.  What a privilege that we can make this decision. That’s why we want this dream to be fulfilled with something which has an impact.

Making a difference for anyone who does not dream – but fight for the right to live.

The goal is to collect money for the improvement of living conditions in Haiti with every kilometer (about 1600 miles) we walk.

Together with and for three communities we want to finance a sustainable water supply worth 45.000 US$ – that’s our goal!

As a member of the Rotary Club Stuttgart Wildpark we will use the rotarian network to gain as much attention as possible for our project and the people in haiti! My rotarian friends in the club support with action and advise. Together we want to encourage as many people as possible to help. People in action! Be one of the persons who help us succeed!

Our current position?

Two wells are build!! How far are we with the third? 18%
… are hiked by us until today!

We are hiking for potable water! This is us in Haiti!

Have fun watching!

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Clean water for Haiti

Help us to achieve our goal. Clean drinking water and a sustainable water systems are needed. Start making the difference..