Some kilometers south of Ouanaminthe the live is going to change in a few month!

Now it is decided! The first community which applied for the project hiking4haiti and gets support is “Man Timote”.

The community is approximately 10km south of Ouanaminthe, a town on the border to the Dominican Republic, in the Northeast Department. In this region all three communities are going to be getting the wells of our project. This helps us visit all three of them in July and see for ourselves how your donations changed their life!

Here you can find the community:

In “Man Timote” are 29 houses with 213 people. They currently walk 45 minutes one way to get their water form the Pakt River, carrying buckets of water back to their homes every day. People do their laundry in the river, animals use it and people also bathe etc. And they use it to drink, however the water is contaminated.

Haiti Outreach now starts to work with this community. There are trainings in hygiene, maintenance and a lot of discussions and decisions to ensure that there is a person responsible for the well. As soon as the community is ready, the drilling of the well begins.

You can be sure that we will keep you updated on our site!

So, the first well is starting, we will keep on going for the next, help us do it!