Closer to the hike in the White Mountains but still on our way, we pass through Laconia. We join the club with about 40 members on their weekly Thursday noon meeting in an old mill, a wonderful location!

Another club which not only applauded our presentation but also supported our cause. Thank you guys!!

The topic of this meeting was an internal discussion about their annual fundraising. The club organizes yearly a Motorcycle raffle to fund for scholarships and just successfully finished another one. The question was how and if to continue with this fundraiser. First I want to say, that I admire this club for the success of annually raising 15.000 US$ to hand out scholarships. Great job!

The discussion we were able to follow is for me a „Rotary“ Discussion: Are we, as Rotary organization, a hands on service club or a fundraising organization or something completely different? How can we engage all members of the club to participate in projects so that not only part of the club members are doing all the work? How do we choose the projects which best support the Rotarian cause?

On our way we visit a lot of clubs and many have the same questions. Together with the decrease of members at Rotary it is important to find the right answers. For me, Rotary is a great organization, doing amazing things, all over the world. We need to tell the people about our causes, our projects, our spirit, the fun we have – so that more and more people join to this amazing worldwide organization! If any of the blog readers have questions about what Rotary is, or what we do, ask any Rotarian, we gladly share and tell you all about it!

Thank you, dear RC Laconia for having us!