It was so exciting! I entered the meeting room of the Winfield Rotary Club and was back in the past! This club has been my host-Rotary Club 23 years ago as I was a Rotary exchange student. Back then I several times got the possibility to talk about my experience as an exchange student, so it was no surprise that the club took me up on the offer of making a presentation about our trip and our project. We started with showing some pictures of my time as an exchange student which was very amusing for the members. We than talked about our thoughts and findings of our travels. One is that we learned to appreciate some things we never thought about, as for example, a shower, a roof over our heads and potable water. This brought us back to our project Hiking4Haiti.

The Winfield Rotary Club is a big club who is very involved in a lot of wonderful projects. Just to name one: they helped build the Winfield playground (THREE times, as it burned two times). In addition they build a performance hall to enjoy outdoor concerts in honor of 100 years of Rotary.

We are very happy that the club promised to support our project. Thank you! In addition we received generous donations by Ned and Norma Mattingly and Dorothy Fisher, my former host families. Thank you so much, not only for the donations but to give me this wonderful experience as an exchange student.