One of the great things with Rotary is, that you feel welcomed and with friends even if you meet the people for the first time. This happened yesterday evening when I joined the Rotary meeting of the Club of Turangi. I was warmly welcomed by the president Paul and all the  Members. The club meets Tuesday (1. and 3. of each month) at 6pm at the Tongariro Lodge.

What a great evening. We laughed, shared stories and I enjoyed the time there immensely. There was enough time to present the project Hiking4Haiti (fundraising with the goal of bringing 3 communities an access to potable water). After the presentation and all the questions Paul in his role of president announced that the club is going to support Hiking4Haiti with a donation. Very spontaneous and very much appreciated!

I want to say thank you to this wonderful people for giving me a wonderful evening and on top of that, supporting our cause.